How we work


The Group’s work philosophy is based on four essential elements to ensure excellence in the process throughout the various stages of development and manufacture.


We believe that human potential is what lies behind our success. We foster a culture of collaboration and motivation, where every member of the team brings their creativity and innovation to our production process.

Lean Manufacturing

The Group follows the principles of Lean Manufacturing to maximise efficiency and minimise waste. Optimising each stage of our process ensures agile and sustainable production, leading to products of the highest quality.

Modelos Six-Sigma

Accuracy is key in our commitment to quality. The Six Sigma model is implemented to perfect processes, reduce variations and ensure consistency in each and every product we manufacture. This enables us to reach standards of exceptionally high quality.

Flow Process

The search for perfection has led us to adopt a continuous flow approach to our production process. Inactivity times are minimised and the work sequence is optimised to ensure a fluid and constant production process.

Developing products from start to finish, providing added value at every stage

Through the Group’s companies, ideas are transformed into products, which are infused with the added value that comes from our experience, depth of market knowledge and ability to innovate. This commitment to excellence shines through every stage of the production process, supported by a powerful and versatile infrastructure

The services available to Smart Control fully adapt to your needs, from defining a product to developing a pre-existing idea or manufacturing a product to your particular specifications.


We work side by side with you in the process of developing the perfect air freshener product for your particular requirements and preferences. We share our knowledge of the sector, consumer trends and constant market monitoring with you.


If you already know what you want, all you have to do is tell us about it and let us take care of the rest. The production capacity at our disposal is highly versatile, enabling us to manufacture air fresheners according to your particular specifications, ensuring the highest quality and careful attention to detail.

Tailored Development

Do you have an initial idea in mind? With our tailored development service, we’ll take the concept from your imagination to the end product. From an initial briefing, our creative and technical team set out to turn your vision into a tangible and memorable product.


Constant monitoring of the market and of sector and consumer trends.

Complete Solutions

Products that can be fully personalised. Both the formulas and the packaging and labelling can be adapted to suit your needs.


Fragrance assessment team and co-creation with our internationally recognised partners


A preventive quality model is followed, ensuring maximum quality from the initial product ideation phase onwards.


We set the bar high: our products not only meet but in fact exceed legal standards by considerable margins.


An efficient and responsible approach to environmental and energy management is considered an obligation that far exceeds the legally established requirements.